As I was cleaning out my closet, I noticed that I still had a ton of white outfits that I had yet to wear this summer. I was excited to find this white eyelet skirt.  The nice flowing hemline hit me right below the knee, it was right on target for where the hemlines seem to be trending for fall.  So I pulled all of the white out of my closet and put it onto my must wear list. After a gloomy week, the world could use some brightening up.

I mean really, after an earthquake and a hurricane, is someone is trying to tell the east coast something? So today instead of doning a gloomy grey, as I sometimes do after a storm, I responded to the earth’s call with a bright pop of white and a bold splash of color. So pull out your white pieces ladies and give them one last hoorah!!! 
Get this look:
Skirt: Claudia Richard from Ross Shirt: Wet Seal Peep Toe Shoes: Rampage
Necklace: Claires Earrings: Swarovski