I am dying to see fashion inspiration on the streets.  I am a commuter and have the lucky advantage of traveling through 3 different states on any given day.  So, I have many opportunities to see what people are wearing, however I remain uninspired.   Believe me, I am looking everyday to see someone work an outfit so well that I can’t wait to get home and mimic the fabulousness.  However, day by day, cityscape to suburbia, I end up home uninspired.  Don’t get me wrong, I am a lover of fashion, so I deeply enjoy the cohesive ensembles and sometimes noteworthy fashions of the fabulous women on the east coast, but I am looking for the “Wow Factor”.  Career wear does not have to be boring to be appropriate,  so I am on a personal search to find one person a month from the streets that truly inspires me to search deep in my closet or in my pocket book to switch it up and try something new.   You could be the inspiration I am looking for, so please post your career smart, brazen ensembles to the Suite Life face book page and inspire the nations workforce.