After the earth shook and confusion grew, we had to decide what to do. So after confirming that my husband and children were safe, I began existing the building. Hundreds of people filled the streets with not understanding of what was to come. The quake itself wasn’t bad it was the fear of uncertainly that seemed to be moving the crowd. I work in a historic neighborhood that is unprepared for a shock of this magnitude.
So having a little foresight I prepared my Marc Jacob earthquake bag.  Normally this would be just a fabulously accessory, but today if things had gotten worst I would have been prepared. Thank you mark Jacob for having the foresight to make such a fabulously large tote with reinforced handles.  This is one the time where fashion can save your life. I used my live saving fashion accessory of the day and packet into it my:

  • Laptop, just in case the need or opportunity to telecommute would arise in the aftermath.

  • Water jug, it carries about 32 ounces, which is great because they say people can go without food for 30 day but only 3 without water.  Not like I expected to be outside forever, but it was hot outside and who knew when they would clear the building for reentry.

  • Food, I grabbed a few of my 90 calorie Fiber One Bars and a few bag of pretzel s just in case.  They say to avoid bringing sweet items because they could make you thirsty

  • Cash, I grabbed my purse, and thanks to my husband I carry emergency cash because you never know the technology impacts that an emergency light have

  • Change of shoes and clothes, thank god for gym clothes! I had a comfy pair of Nike sneaks and a hot pink work out gear just in case I needed to do a quick change like Super Women. They closed the main bridge into the city and the metro, so that would have been a great option if I would have had to walk out of the city.  I loved my gold Rampage peep toes but they would have been no good on a hike

  • Phone and charger, the phone lines were dead or busy however I remember form my safety experiences that the internet and cable lines are sometimes working. So I was able to text my family local and long distance to let them now I was ok. I also was able to text my carpool so that we could devise and exit plan. My phone also has a radio so I had my head phones just in case.

  • Camera, I am a blogger so had my trusty camera and my camera phone, which I did use to take ea few pics of the environment-Makeup Bag, another Marc Jacob genius idea. I had tissues; sanitizer, emergency make-up kit and hair products (for the occasional fly always and photo ops) and more So carry a fabulous bag that can pull the double duty of looking good and making your life easier right and you just might be a little more prepared for an emergency.

If you are looking for a SteveMadden Tote like mine, this was the Steve Madden Candied Coated tote, it comes in a ton of colors and is selling on sale for $98 at Nordstoms. I smiled when I saw this because I picked this up at Marshalls for $59.00.  If you are in to Steve Madden bags like I am, check out there Steve Madden store online. Their clearance section is having a 50% off already reduce items putting most items under $30. I scoped out a cute black sanp belt that was $38 now it is $7.

Stay safe and stay fashionable!