The day started off fantastic in Washington DC where I work. I was dresses in my white power suit by LeSuit, and felt ready to take on the world.  White suits are hot right now, so I have no idea why it took me so long to wear it. Dressed in my suit I felt focused and in control.  I killed in my first meeting and I was pumping out some really fantastic work, when I was reminded that we needed to head downstairs for our office photo. Before the elevator door even shut, I was overwhelmed with the positive responses to my outfit from both males and female, I heard, "angelic", "powerful," and "in control". People were asking me things like “where are you going”, “what was the occasion” and “what projects am I working on”.  All of the attention was great because I felt all of those things and I was really excited to attend a meeting I had  scheduled for that afternoon, so went back to my desk and I began to prepare for it. 

 Just as I began to lose myself in the work, the world moved and not in a good way! The building began to shake and not just a little. Things began to fall of the desk, walls began to move and people started to screech. It felt like a metro train had just rushed through my office, and I found myself questioning what could possibly make the strong building that I was in, shake like that and for that long? Speculations on my floor began to roll, "Oh my God, was it an accident, an earthquake or maybe a bomb?" I went to console a coworker and mentioned that it felt like an earthquake. She was worried but seemed relieves from her initial concern. I was one of the lucky people who immediately got in touch with my husband and then he called the kids. Thank god we were ok but just a little shook up. The internet and the TV conformed it was an earthquake, then all of the phones went dead and we were evacuated from the building. Wow, the number of people in the streets was astounding! People were confused and without the ability to communicate slightly concerned. However in times like these you get to really see something beautiful, people come together and start discussions with people they would never have otherwise started a conversation with before.

 Also all the cities fashionista’s were forced to the streets and I saw some great outfits and I got some great comments on my gold Rampage peep toe shoes that I picked up from ROSS. The building was deemed safe and we were allowed to go home. That is when the ciaos started. The street lights were out, the bridges were closed and traffic was crazy! So I met up with my friend from the West Coast and having experience with earthquakes, she was un-phased, what really upset her was the traffic, so after faring in the gridlock for a while we pulled over got something to eat and got a mani-pedi. It was a great idea! There is no need to look horrible in a horrible situation. It was relaxing and by time we finished the traffic had lighted up and we were able to make it home safe and sound. So after all of that I still felt great, just a little shook up.