Every so often you make a trip to check something off your to-do list and you end up finding yourself shopping. How does that even happen? I must admit that it happens to me quite often and I like it! It is always rejuvenating to me to shop when you have nowhere to be a nothing to do. Let's be honest, what in the world is better to do then walking through ailses of prints, colors and textured master peices, especially when you have money in your budget and and the clothes are affordable. O Yeah, I love it! So after a trip to get my blood drawn, I found myself a little light headed and ended up in a local shopiing mall. I spotted a Ross that I had never visited and it was calling my name so I had to go in. I am happy to report that it was fabulous and I lucked up on some yummy peices. I am always on the look out for great peices to increase my career smart wardrobe, so I was so happy to come across this Karen Stevens Houndstooth Sheath Dress with a great little pleat detail. I felt sweeped away in the retro feel of it and for a steal of $14.99.

I may have lost a little blood but I gained a fabulous addition to my wardrobe!

The Rundown

Dress Karen Stevens Sheath from Ross Heels Spicy from DC shop Earrings Thifted

Bag Coach via outlet