Ey y'all!  I'm Kelley from kdairies.com.  Thanks for letting me butt in to Shawna's blog for a minute and share the love of my life with you: Ok here it comes, the love of my fashion life is.... Black Blazers!  Yep, you read that right.  They seem like such a simple thing in the world, no?  Well I'm here to proclaim that they are not simple, and I do, in fact, have an obsession with them.  Black blazers are the most amazing thing I have in my wardrobe, and you wanna know why?  Because they cover everything I don't want to show (::ahem:: ARMS), they nip in at my favorite area (waist!), and flare out to cover a second area I prefer to hide (hello, muffin tops!).  
Still trying to master the selfie (and that bogus ballerina bun I'm wearing). My black blazers got me through pregnancy in a formal office setting.  I love their sweet lapels of varying shapes, and the definition given to my shoulders.  Yeah it's official, I am in love with black blazers.  I have alllll different kinds.  Ones with pointy shoulders (I'm kiiiiind of Kardashian-obsessed!), ones with leather details, long blazers, short blazers, boy-cut blazers, tuxedo blazers, stretchy blazers, plain blazers, cheap blazers, expensive blazers, and of course, different SIZED blazers (because let me tell you people the last five years have done a NUMBER on the sizing you can find in my wardrobe.)  Get it?  number?  AH.
This is me and mah girl Belle.  She's my fav.  And I just noticed that I'm allllmost rocking an ombre hair thing in this pic.  Who knew months of no hair care could do that? 

I had to put this picture at the end because, I mean if I put it in the beginning   you 'd take one look at me and think I was nuts, wouldn't you?
Shawna's trying to teach me to pose like a fashion blogger (she's so GOOD at it, don't you agree!?)  Clearly I have a LOT left to learn.
So what do you guys think?  Am I too into the black blazer?  Too much of a crutch?  Should I bust out my single white blazer for summer?  Ooooh or what about like neon blazers?  I've got it bad, I need HELP!  

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