Today, we celebrate the anniversary of a great milestone for women’s equality in our nation’s history. As a women and a mother, I find it alarming that women who work full-time earn, on average, only $0.78 for every dollar men earn.  That is why Suite Life is here to support women in their efforts to look the part as they rise above these egregious restrictions. We will someday soon attain a level of pay that fully reflects the scale of our efforts and until then we will remain fashionably chic while forging the way. So even as we take time to mark past progress, we must remember that we have more work to do.
Lets also take a minute to reflect on the fashionable women of today that have and are still fighting for women's rights:

Jacki Kennedy- Jackie was a fashion icon, a debutant and a class act. Her fashion sensibility will forever blaze the way for women in politics.
Dorothy Ann Richards- She has been feisty since high school, excelling I debate. Her wit, strong will and personality is what got her to become a U.S. politician as the former governor of Texas. She has fought for women's and minority rights and worked to bring more women and minorities into power.
Dr. Dorothy I. Height fought against race and gender prejudice her whole life – starting from the age of 12, when Dorothy demanded to speak to the manager after being denied entrance to a swimming pool because of the color of her skin. Height played a major role in helping shape the YWCA’s focus on racial and social justice issues. 
Nancy Pelosi- Chic, strong and in command. This House speaker does not play around when it comes to this country or with fashion.
Alyce Faye Wattleton, beautiful, poised and driven became both the youngest person and the first African American president of the Planned Parenthood. Wattleton was the first African American woman honored by the Congressional Black Caucus. She was cited for her work on women’s reproductive rights issues Federation of America and remanded fashionable the entry time. You go girl.
Hilary Clinton- She is smart, tough, and ran the closet presidential race ever for a women candidate, and then still secured a high-power job in the administration. Her fashion has evolved over time and we like it. She handled herself well under pressure when she did not let America see her pain and but ended up using it to build character and win our affection! Smart cookie!
Michelle Obama- I am women hear me roar! Let’s face it, she's fierce -- strong, poised, and articulate, and educated. She could be the next female candidate for president and based on her ability to stay true to her own personal style under extreme circumstances and pressure, she would have my vote!

And soon we will  have our pictures listed here because we are now fighting for women's rights every day!! So stay strong, stay proud, stay fashionable and use your voice!