I was looking through my closet this weekend, preparing my clothes for next week  (I try to do when I am feeling organized) when I suddenly realized that summer is almost over. Can you believe it? I mean where did it go? As I ran my fingers across the fabric of all of the divine designs that I hide in there, I realized that I only have a few weeks to wear to some of my summer pieces. So it was time to get creative and MIX IT UP.  I grabbed a few of my summer sleeveless dresses and paired them with things I haven’t worn with before. My office is always chilly so this suit jacket came in handy today!

The result was fabulous. I really felt great in this outfit!  I pulled back my hair with my trusty Conair bun-maker, that I blogged about last week and I got a chance to wear my grandmothers vintage pearl necklace, which I try to wear whenever I can. Gotta love grandmothers! I am very blessed to have a trendy one.  For holidays I can happily report that I get pearls or jewlery of some kind, verse a green, orange and blue christmas sweater. Ok, back to my outfit.  I really liked that the tops bright pop of color really made me feel quirky.  So dont be afraid to pull out a bright top and pair it with a textured peice. I lucked out when I purchased this jacket at Kohl's, this brown belt came with the jacket.

The bottom of this BeBop dress is navy but it seemed to pair great with my belted brown, textured suit jacket. I has so happy when I picked this dress up from Ross. It was only $15 bucks and I really needed to infuse some color into my wardrobe.  Blue and brown, who knew? Thank you Kohl’s!