People often comment of the glowing skin and good completion and I have to laugh just a bit because they think it is me but it is really just my Mary Kay.  For years, I did not have great skin or a good completion but thankfully when I switched over to Mary Kay skin care and make-up products, it was the welcome break my skin needed.  I begin to quickly feel and see a big difference.  The skin care line I use everyday is the time wise miracle set. I totally love it.  The time wise set really started evening out my skin and I had far less break outs. The glow that you see on my head shots comes from my time wise luminous-wear foundation.  So weather you are posing for Facebook or Vogue, you want your skin to look its best so you have to treat it right.You use a good product consistently  Once you have your skin looking the way you want to, you will want to show it off so add a scarf to your look and the scarf will naturally draw attention to your face and your wonderfully glowing skin.

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