What a great week!  We had so many people participating week 6's style challenge to mix different prints together which I am really excited about!  #swwcprintx2.  This wasn't an easy challenge so don't feel bad if you struggled with it.  Here are a few tips to help you get mixing prints in no time:

  • Scale- If you have a large statement print then pair the piece with print pieces in the same color palette to pull together your look.
  • Placement- Lighten up your look with placing printed pieces around you face. This is a great tip when you are feeling under the weather. Adding the color will brighten your face and help you look engaged.
  • Texture- Don't leave your legs out of this challenge. Add a printed pattern to your tights and see how it add an interesting layer of texture to your look.
  • Pop-You can pop up your look by adding a bright colored solid to your mixed prints. This change will draw the eye and really make your outfit pop.
Don't forget to try next weeks challenge to wear something you have been saving for a special occasion and email me your #swwcbreakout looks at soworkweekchic@hotmail.com.

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