Let me just say that I know I let last weeks mixing prints challenge spill over into this weeks challenge but I couldn't think of a better way to showcase this fantastic necklace that I go for 50% off at NY&Co earlier year. I love this piece of jewelry because it is so rich in color and has so much happing but since it is a statement piece, I generally save it for when I am trying to make a statement.  That is why I love this SWWC Week 7 challenge because it is just like the movie Dirty Dancing when Patrick Swayze say "No One Puts Baby in the Corner" and we get to pull out our babies and give them there day in the sun. So if you have not done it yet, you still have time!! Take one piece out of your closet that you have been saving for a special occasion and wear it proudly all day long (or all week for that matter). Don't forget to share it with us on Facebook or #sswcbreakout on instagram.

Get The Look:
Skirt: Anne Taylor Loft (similar)
Blazer: (similar)
Purse: (similar)
Necklace: (similar)
Top: NY&Co (similar)
 photo Shawnasig_zps3e7ca88a.jpg