Professionistas everywhere have been rocking this Style Challenge Week 6: Mixing 2 or More Prints.  I met the challenge with this amazing eShakti dress mixed with a scarf.  I am really enjoying this fantastic dress for fall, it is quickly becoming my favorite!  It is so flowy and the details on this dress rock! It even has clips so that your bra straps won't pop out.  I have found it very comfortable and it has pockets! I am in love! You know I love a dress with pockets.  eShakti has numerous affordable, vintage inspired designs like this one, available for purchase off the rack or for customization.  That is right ladies, you can enter your specific measurements and eShakti  will customize the pattern just for your body for almost nothing.  No more missing out on a cute dress because it won't fit your curves.  Just pick out the pattern of your choose and customize it.  You can extend the hemlines and the sleeve too like this professionista.  How cool is that?  eShakti has generously provided you a 10% off code for any non-sale item to our viewers until the 12/04. Just enter the code: "soworkweekchic" into the promotional box. 

We would love to hear your thoughts, so comment below and tell us what your favorite customization might be.

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