This was the 5th week of the SWWC style challenge and we focused our energy on making a statement with jewelry.  Here are just a few of the top was that professionistas used their bling power:
  • Make the Jewels King- By layering a statement necklace over a monochromatic look, you give your jewelry the royal treatment and they become the star of you outfit. Try not to wear large or statement earrings, as they may compete too much and over-power this look.  All by itself, the necklace will really standout and be a conversation starter.
  • Tie It In- By adding a necklace that coordinates with your blazer or cardigan, you bring cohesiveness to the look and bring it together.
  • Charm Your Way In- Necklaces with charms are a great way to show your personal style.  You can get ones with almost anything now a days, so whether you like flower power, coins or pearls, there will be a necklace out there for you. Traci Lynn has some amazing options, check more pieces on her site.
  • Bib Bling- Bibs are not just for babies anymore! These amazing pieces will bring out your grown and sexy look. Bibs are a great way to really bring up the bling factor.

 photo Shawnasig_zps3e7ca88a.jpg