As you probably remember, I got The Great Kingston L.A.M.B Tote by Gwen Stefani from my husband for Valentine's day. I love this bag because it huge and so full character. When I saw it at a high-end consignment store, I feel in love immediately but restrained myself from bringing it home. It was hard but I told myself, where would you wear this bag?  I couldn't see myself wearing it with allot of things.  The lies we tell ourselves, LOL!  I went home and then found myself looking at pictures of the bag every night, doing so called research like a purse stalker!  I was a mess, I looked at anyone who styled it, all Gwen's pics with it (not to mention that she named the bag after her son which is just sooooo cute), but what finally got me was a picture (that I can't even find anymore) of it showcased in in someones else's dream closet.  I was redoing my closet at the time so I took it as a sign ( I know I am dramatic).  To be honest it was one of the only purchases that I can remember that I truly regretted not buying.  When I was doing my bag stalking, my husband caught me drooling over the tote and since he couldn't remember a time that I was like this, he went out like a superhero and got it for me.  Isn't he awesome?  So now that I have the purse, what to do you think that I do with this wonderful tote after stalking it?  Nothing, it just sits around and makes my closet look fantastic, LOL!  So I was excited for this weeks SWWC style challenge because I will be rocking this bag from now on more regularly.  Thats right, I am not ashamed to say "My Kingston" is amazing and deserves to be seen, so I no longer am waiting for a special occasion to take out my "special" tote.  It is a #swwcbreakout moment and I am breaking my Kingston out all week, even with tennis shoes (high-heeled ones of course)!  What items do you have in you closet that need a #swwcbreakout moment? Comment below or on our Facebook or twitter page.

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