The three reasons to get away this New Year:
  1. The holiday season has left you frazzled and wondering the last time you had a weekend away
  2. You can't remember the last time you slept in without having a full schedule
  3. Investing in yourself or your partner with out the kids has become a memory verse something to look forward to

My husband came down a few weeks ago and reminded me that as Master’s students we too were on winter break. It was in that moment I realized I had a couple free days to do whatever we please. No baseball, no basketball, no school or work and nothing scheduled for the weekend. For one, to moms getting a free weekend is like a white elephant, it rarely ever happens. 

With all the hustle a bustle of the holidays and my oldest sons graduation, it was like we did not get a moment for ourselves.  So I opened my computer, and used my winter break solstice to log into Expedia and plan a trip.  I called my cousins in Seattle and Florida and we booked a little weekend getaway to Las Vegas.

During my search I discovered the new Collections feature, how fun! You don’t even have know where you want to go anymore. If you know the type of fun you want to have, like going to the beach, enjoying food, taking a tropical escape, having some family fun or just going shopping, just select it.  This is an affordable fashion and lifestyle blog so obviously I chose to pick shopping (yay!).

You pick the location that meets your desires, select a hotel that meets your needs and then the tickets are in route to your inbox. It is that easy. Now, all you have to worry about is the dinner plans for the kids while you are gone and your ready to pack your bags.

Who knew it was this easy? We should have placed this in the budget years ago. Now that I know how easy it could be I wanted to make it even more memorable and affordable if possible so I signed up tp be an Expedia Reward Member. Since I have been getting amazing deals on hotels and things to do during our stay that I hadent even considered.  I am starting to get excited! 

Taking a bit of time for yourself or for you and your partner is always a good investment! Everyone needs a little break from the hustle and bustle. I know when I am recharged, it makes me a better person, parent and professional.  This trip is on! I report how fantastic it went and how late I slept in when I return. So thank you Expedia, and Las Vegas here we come!

This post was written in partnership with Expedia and Shop Style!