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Every year we make new year’s resolutions that are so lofty and so ambiguous that they are not very easy to reach or commit to. To accomplish something you need to be really motivated in order to achieve your goal, ask yourself what is motivating me to change? Find a positive visual reminder of what you are trying to achieve and make it your phone or screen saver. Place it somewhere you will see it every day. I want to do so many things so this year I am committing ten minutes a day to become a better and more awesome me. 

“Small changes add up” Elizabeth Beck, MPH, Professional Wellness Development & Education Coordinator at the National Wellness Institute shares that it “It’s very easy to fall into the trap of thinking that to make lasting and impactful changes, we must dive into something head first and dedicate a part of our lives to it,” she says. “Small habits are much easier to grow and become big changes in our life.”

When people try to make multiple changes, we end up trying to keep up with multiple demands and end up failing. So this year keep it simple. Invest 10 minute every day to a better and more awesome you.  Spending ten minutes of quality time could mean getting to those emails, playing video games with your kid, or mindlessly scrolling through Instagram in a quiet room. When you take a moment to do something you yourself, you will start to feel a sense of control and calmness that sets the tone for the rest of your day. 
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You can get through anything for about ten minutes, even cleaning your closet, doing that work out you have been dreading, or organizing that catch- all drawer at your desk. We spend too much time focusing on the things holding us back , so I say “No More.” I will begin shouting it form the rooftops, “Change starts today!.”  All change takes is a bit of will power, motivation and ten minutes a day. I used my ten minutes today to write this article and I commit to keeping the momentum going by sharing a few of my ten minutes with you each month to keep you motivated.

As for any resolution you will have setbacks, so celebrate the successes , forgive yourself when you don’t make time and start fresh everyday toward a better and more awesome you with just ten minutes.