I was expecting to hate this because everyone said it was horrible but my whole family LOVED it! Most have my friends had watched it twice un the first week. I am not really sure where all the critic hater-aide came from. It is probably because Hollywood doesn't like change very much and is worried that accomplished actors like Will Smith are working with streaming services like Netflix to make Blockbusters that viewers want to see more of. This movie is Harry Potter and Underworld meets Training Day. Here are the five reasons you love Bright:
  1. Killer Cast: There are a huge squad of celebrities and up-and-comers in this film. Even the extras are stars. There is not even enough space to name all of them in this post so you know that the acting is going to be great.
  2. Visionary Backstory and Cinematography: The director has a great way to turn ordinary moments into visually simulating moments. The backstory is still a bit undefined but the idea that the world is filled with multiple species and humans although used to it as still a bit unsettled and superior about the idea. So this magic filled, action packed movie also has some pretty powerful but subtle moments about the struggle between being different and the same at the same time. A LAPD police officer Daryl Ward (Will Smith), tensely comes back to the force and orc partner Jakoby (Joel Edgerton), after being shot in the line of duty. Ward blames Jakoby for not being there. They struggle through the tension of their past to fight the good fight and save an elf named Tikka (Lucy Fry) and a magical wand that can save the world from dark new age of magic.
  3. Characters You Can Relate To: This movie is dark even thought its name is miss leading named Bright. Surprisingly this rough and tough action flick finds a way to tug on your heart strings. I am not sure if it is Will Smith's super cute daughter at the beginning or the descriptive storytelling that draws you in but it works. You have law enforcement fighting to do the right thing in a world where they are not valued and people trying to understand and relate to each other to overcome their current struggle. Sound familiar? This action packed movie is welled written and has some pretty powerful but subtle moments about the struggle between being intrinsically different however somehow deep down being the same time.
  4. Bad-A@* Villains: In a movie where there are so many villains you would think is it hard to tell who is the baddest will be however in this movie it is clear who the scariest one of them all is Leilah (Noomi Rapace).  Leilah's name is said quit ominously almost as spooky as Voldemort in Harry Potter. Her reputation precedes her before she even hits the screen and then her and her team do not disappoint. Underworld fans would have a blast with this one. 
  5. Action Packed- This wonder packed movie is a nice blend between modern day and a gutter filled future with dark magic and human pain. You never know who you can trust in this movie which keeps you forever on your toes. 
This is a must watch movie. If you like police drama, action, magic, storytelling and drama this one is for you. If you don't then take a pass and watch an other movie. Either-way it is definitely a movie you have to watch to get your own opinion on. After this I am excited for the direction of live-streaming cinema and can't to see what is in store in the future.  I can't wait to hear what you think. Please leave moments below.