It is the New Year and you have begun to make big changes however they don't seemed to be reflected in your wardbobe. You get up every day with a pep in your step, determined to do something new and yet when you look in the mirror, you see the same old you. Well that just won't do! If you are a new you then you need to look like it. Here are five tips to start looking like the person you are becoming.

  • Ditch the Uniform- It will be hard to see a new person in the mirror if you keep dressing her like the same old person. Ditch the regular uniform that the old you would wear and throw on that dress that you only where on special occasions or spruce up your look with some fresh new accessories.
  • Embrace the Inspiration- Remember what inspired you to make the change. Think back to the moment that changed your mind and now your life. Identify how you felt in that moment or how you are feeling about your journey now.

  • Color is Everything- According to “Colors can be a powerful communication tool.” Embrace that inspirational feeling and then think of a color palette that reminds you of it. Did you feel warm inside? If so then maybe red, orange and yellow are for you. If you felt calm then look for blue, purple and green. For more information on the psychological effects of color and how they make you feel, check out this article.
  • Missing in Action- Now look through your closet look and see if you have any items missing from your day to day staples. Where is that LBD (little black dress)? Do you have any pieces in your new signature colors? If not it maybe the time to pick a few up.
  • Clear a Path- As you look through the rest of your closet, how do your pieces make you feel? Pick out a few items and see if they make you feel comfortable and confident or the opposite?  If they make you feel uncomfortable or like you are in a bad movie from the 90's then they have to go. They don't have to leave your house, if the thought is too scary but they must leave your closet. Making space for something new or having more space will showcase the pieces that make you feel great.

You have no time for set backs this year. So don't waste any time kicking the old you's look to the curb and blazing the path to the brand new you.