When my friend called me and said that we will be meeting up at the theatre before our dinner reservation, we were thrilled.  I hadn't been to the Kennedy Center in a while so my first though was “Great” then my second was “What would I wear?”  The first time I went it was before 6:00 and I was going  to dinner with my husband and friends so a nice above the knee dinner dress worked great. A night at the theater is an upscale affair and can go any way you like it. Many theaters are semi-casual but you should aways dress to impress. An after 6:00 call for more formal wear. It can be a formal suit of floor length dress like I have on. But whatever you do feel free to embrace the elegance of the night and have fun with it. Pull out those dangly, blingy earrings, slink into something that makes you feel beautiful and enjoy the evenings.