Although Coachella has long past, the hot summer days of fun are still here so if you have few more outdoor festivals or music events to attend this summer and you are wondering What 2 Wear, I think bohemian chic. Here are a few other things to consider:

  • Play All Day- These events can last for hours and sometime take you from day to night. So wear comfortable shoes and don't forget a light weight jacket or scarf.
  • Bust out Tough Fabrics- Go for dark denim or fabrics that  you don't mind getting a little dirty. Generally you will be copping a squat somewhere in the park so plan for it. Pick a light weight fabric so you don't get to hot.
  • Accessorize to the Max- Since you will be outside, think of shades or a hat for the sun and a scarf like mine that is light weight incorporated into the outfit but can be used as a cover up when the temperature drops or to sit on as a blanket.
Don't become a outside gathering statistic, a little extra planning can help you avoid showing up in some of the very interesting fashion ensembles that we see on tumbler after the show. Becoming captured as fashion victim at an iconic event is not how you want to go down in history so take a note from Nicole Richie and look bohemian chic.

Get the look:
Flats: Walmart (simular)
Purse: Ross (simular)
Cuffs- Forever 21- $4 (simular)
Dress- Kmart $15 (simular)
Scarf- Ross (simular)
Belt- Ross- Free w/ shorts (simular)
Sunnies- Ross- (simular)