Hey Suites, I want to share a career smart must have with you before the summer ends. Ladies, DO wear a not-so-basic blazer, like this striped one here, to pick up the feel of an everyday work dress.  Striped blazers are fun, sporty and on trend.  I wore this outfit to work even though there was nothing special going on, and I had a migraine but just because you feel crappy doesn't mean you should look the same way.  So on a day that you don't feel your best but want to feel a little better bust out a dress in a bright color with an un-expecting blazer, the color will brighten your mood and the classic cut of the blazer will make it totally appropriate for work.

Get This Look:
Purse- Coach Outlet-$60- (simular)
Striped Blazer- (simular)
Belt- Kohls- Free w/ Shorts (simular)
Dress- Ross (simular)
Necklace & Bracelet: Banana Republic Outlet $16 & $10 (similar)
Pumps-Mom & Pop shop in DC- (simular)