It is so crazy that my baby girl is a senior in high school, turning 17 this month and getting ready for college.  Here is us visiting Radford University for a college tour.  The 4 1/2 hours road trip each way was a little long, but we rocked out with some great tunes and snacks. On a road trip, you need to be comfortable, so my daughter and I were thankful that we picked up these ELLE shorts from Kohl's and I got a chance to wear my new Nine West sandals that I got on clearance from Marshall's. The shorts were so comfy, stretchy and cute and just right for the heat.  She loved the campus, so it was worth the drive.  I am glad that we went on the trip together it just reiterated to her that she wants to go to George Mason University and I couldn't be happier.  She is my bestie and I would love for her to stay closer to home.