Stripes Are So Hot!

Mix up the classic looks, and bold accessories with stripes.

One of the big trends this past season was STRIPES, and I mean anything striped. Striped dresses like my Max Studio dress,  and this wonderful "Michael Kors" nautical look, striped handbags, and even striped shoes were and still looking are hot! If you are wanting to be more like Mike (Michael Kors) this week, just mix a couple classic, nautical pieces with a flare a-line skirt or white pants, add some bold accessories and a striped top. Try bringing the look into the fall by adding a long button cardigan or a blue blazer like me.  The results - a chic casual look.

Get this Look:
Sandals: Bakers-$20  (simular)
Pants: Banana Republic Outlet (simular)
Shirt: Ross Outlet  (simular)
Blazer: Ann Taylor Outlet- $30 (simular)
Accessories: Ann Taylor & Claries Outlet (simular) (simular)
Belt: Thrift Store $1 (simular)