It is some kind of hot here in Virginia since we have not had electricity for the past few days. I am one of the lucky ones and now have it back, Thank God for that.  I  can not tell you how thankful I am for electricity, air-conditioning and refrigeration, you never know how important things are in your life until you don't have them. Well if you are trying to create a little heat wave  of you own try pairing turquoise and tribal accents with your all white classics.  I was excited for the chance to wear my birthday wedges again and as you can see they match my manicure because I am just in love with the watermelon color trend of the summer.  As a matter of fact there is nothing better then a ice cold watermelon on a hot summer day, as we have found out over the last couple of days. If you like it, this new vibrant color is called "Monsooner than Later" So bust out some brights with your whites and create some heat of your own.