Well I wish I could have had a camera handy to take a shot of  how huge this tree was when it was lying across our road after the storm ransacked our area.  The storm that came through was massive but it was no match for me and my community, even in my pajamas at 7:30 am, as you see me pictured above (where is a makeup artist when you need one, this pic was taken after we had been cleaning outside for 2 hours).  The community came outside in droves as they woke and we walked around clearing each others yards.  It started as as clearing our own yards, then as we walked around to start making sure that everyone else was ok and then as we saw issues we starting clearing debris from each others yards.  This is what a good community feels like and it was awsome.  This pile behind me was just one of three brush piles we made out of the tree laying across the road and on top of my neighbors mustang. These are the days you are thank for good looking pajamas. You never know when a look outside will turn into a community event.  Soon to following the storm was the largest electrical outage Virginia has ever encountered not related to a hurricane, but we made it through.