I have decided that time is moving fast and I don't want to waste another minute of it. So last month I wrote a list of 100 ways that I have planed to live the Suite Life this year.  I have listed my Living the Suite Life in 100 ways list below for you to enjoy. Follow me on my journey to live it up this year! I hope this post motivates you to live your life to the fullest and make sure to let me know how you plan to live it up this year.

1. Get a really sassy hair cut/style that I love
2. Take a photography class
3. Go to Famer’s Market before work on Thursday (I pass by it every week and never go)
4. Inspire someone else to write a Live the Suite Life in 100 Ways List to complete on their own
5. Go on a camping trip
6. Take a vacation with kids
7. Take a cooking class
8. Take a vacation without kids
9. Work on showing my husband how much I love him
10. Upgrade my pictures/ camera (currently being taken from my evo)
11. Learn how to use my AppleAir
12. Update my blog’s look (at 1 year anniversary)
13. Name, embrace and tell someone 5 terrific things about me (it is empowering to share)
14. Do what I am afraid to tell you post
15. Organize my closet
16. Create a better eating plan
17. Pull out all clothes and separate them by season
18. Watch a sunset
19. Brush up on my spanish
20. Go through my closet with me. Take everything out and pare down!
21. Get a personal stylist to add with my wardrobe
22. Roast some marshmallows and make smores
23. Buy containers for my seasonal clothes
24. Organize my shoes (org. by season and fix or discard)
25. Build a Career smart must have clothes list
26. Buy 5 classic pieces for the list
27. Find a piece of clothing I love regardless of price and buy it
28. Go fishing
29. Find a piece of furniture I love regardless of price and buy it
30. Pay for someone else's coffee in the drive-thru line
31. Hug my kids more often
32. Actually go to a photo shop class
33. Play tag
34. Ride a bike
35. Read a book from cover to cover
36. Go to a new expensive restaurant and buy whatever you (Bond 47 on my birthday)want without worrying about the price
37. Do a college tour (Radford University with Brandy)
38. Take a class for my Masters
39. Make our own sushi
40. Go vegetarian for a week
41. Take a course just for fun unrelated to my major
42. Go to a Nationals game (Went with my friends and then one with family)
43. Name something I don’t like and change it!
44. Do a cleanse (for the sake of my health)
45. See a show at the theater (the Michael Jackson Tribute in Vegas)
46. Go on a trip that requires me to use my passport
47. Make my own wine
48.  Expand blog to include Suite Decor
49. Play golf with my husband
50. Say Yes to do something new
51. Make a new friend
52. Do something with our neighbors (Maybe have them over for dinner)
53. Hold a Backpack drive for a local charity or church (Fresh Start for  a Child's Promise International)
54. Lead an activity at church
55. Do a Year of the Cookie Challenge or a dessert challenge
56. Have a picnic
57. Do a scavenger hunt
58. Take a road trip with the family and take a lot of pictures
59. Buy a house
60. Lead a project at work
61. Bake something new and blog about it
62. Watch 1, 2, 3 documentaries 
63. Get some blog business cards made
64. Make a list of things I love
65. Do a post for another blog
66. Build a giant sand castle or merman
67. Define how to begin living the dream
68. Volunteer at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter
69. Train for a 5k and run the whole way
70. Get a before-bed beauty routine and stick to it
71. Take a family photo
72. Learn how to do 5 cool hairstyles with my own hair from YouTube
73. Fix my CD player in my car so I can listen to more books on tape while I'm commuting
74. Dress up for Halloween
75. Create a container garden
76. Paint something on canvas
77. Go on a road trip to see my best girlfriend
78. See a movie in the theatre with a girlfriend
80. Hold a movie marathon and invite friends
81. Do a time capsule with the kids in the yard to open in 10 years!
82. Take my grandparents out on a double date
83. Take my parents out on a double date
84. Attend a blogging meet up in real life
85. Recruit my real life friends to follow my blog
86. Go dancing
87. Buy something that makes me feel beautiful
88. Donate toys to church
89. Re-learn how to salsa dance
90. Go to the beach
91. Tell my family how much I love them- (Everyday)
92. Play a board game
93. Design a room using a designer
94. Go to Las Vegas (possibly renew vows at cheesy wedding place)- summer trip
95. Take a class from ALT Channel!
96. Figure out what I want to be when I grow up
97. Figure out what I need to do to become what I want to be when I group up and start doing it
98. Build a snow man
99. Do a DIY project (possibly build a piece of furniture with my husband)
100. Celebrate my living the Suite life in 100 ways.

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