Tote to self or more like note to self: Kiss My Husband! This beautiful coach bag was my birthday gift from my family.  My wonderful husband and my very awesome children snuck into my closet and made a photo montage of my purses so that they would select one that was different then the ones I already had and since they know I hate to pay full price for anything, they even picked it up at the outlet at 80% off. Aren't they the cutest! I am so blessed I have the best family ever!

Get This Look:
Purse- Coach Outlet- (simular)
Striped Blazer- (simular)
Navy Blouse- (simular)
Pencil Skirt- (simular)
Watch- Michael Kors- (simular)
Necklace- H&M- (simular)
Pumps-Charlotte Russe- (simular) (simular)