Are you in for the day and wondering what to do?  Give your self a Movie-cation.  You know a "movie" "education" (like in Pitch Perfect).  In this case a TV- cation.  If you have seen more then your share of Criminal Minds and you are looking for an addictive crime-thriller to binge watch then check out a few of my favorite Instant Watch shows on Netflix:
  • Luther- A crime thriller starring Idris Elba.  Need I say more? This talented detective is very passionate about his work but his passions often come back to bite him.

  • The Killing- A police investigation started after the body of a 17-year old is found in the trunck of a submerged car. 

  • Broadchurch- A traumatized detective comes to a small coastal town, where the murder of a young boy starts to tear the town apart.

  • Top of the Lake- When a pregnant 12-year old tries to kill herself in New Zealand's freezing waters.  Elizabeth Moss is playing a detective that has tons of question for this small town.

  • Happy Valley- This series follows a strong, female sergeant whose complicated life doesn't keep her from saving peoples lives.

  • River- A brillant detective with a fractured mind is haunted by murder victims until their cases are solved. 

  • Dexter- A Miami forensic detective is also a serial killer of the worst criminals who seem to escape justice in the court system.

  • Blacklist- A new FBI profilers life gets put on hold when one of Americas Most Wanted turns himself in, only wanting to speak with her.

  • Lie to Me-  The worlds leading deception agent is hired to get the truth from lies.  I swear you will find yourself asking questions so that you can tell if the person is lying after watching this one.

  • Longmire- Longmire is a dedicated Wyoming sheriff who throws himself into his work to hide the pain of his loss.  This series feels like a modern day western.  It is so nostalgic.

  • Rectify- Daniel must put his life together after DNA evidence cleared him of the crime that he already served 19-years in prison for.

  • The Fall- An erie, psychological thriller following an attractive serial killer hidden by an ordinary life and a talented detective played by Gillian Anderson from the X-files.

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