Completed #27. Find a piece of clothing I love regardless of price and buy it

Thank you Target for helping me be coordinated for my Vegas Girlfriend Reunion.  Why wait for your ten and twenty year high school reunion when you can just hold a girlfriend reunion on your own. So that is exactly what we did. My girlfriends, Netta, who came in from Texas and my college and bestie from the military, Jocelyn, was so dedicated to hooking up with the girls that she drove eight hours, pregnant no less, with her cousin and son so that we could have one last yorah!! I was dressed from the occasion in coordinating pieces from Target. I usually do not have greta luck in Target but that luck has now changed. I immediately fell in love with this maxi dress but I didn't love the price but because I found the shoes first and they went perfectly I  just had to get it. Thats another on for the Living the Suite Life List.

Get the Whole Look from Target
Dress: $29.99
Necklace: $10.00 (Clearance)
Bracelets: $4.99 & $4.00(Clearance)
Sandals: $14.99
Earrings: $4.00