Partially Completed #62: Watched 2 out of 3 documentaries 

I walked in on my son watching a great documentary and I just had make time to check off one more movie for the Suite Life List, it was "Winning Time" a documentary about Reggie Miller and his rise from a just a talented child from a talented family to become the basketball legend that we know him as today.  His passion and skills inspire others to do and be better.  His presence of mind and drive to win, changed the game.  I really loved his drive to win championships and finally get from under his sisters large shadow. Cheryl Miller, Reggie's amazingly gifted sister, still holds the record for scoring the most points in a single game, for male or female. She scored 105 points in one single game. The only person that has been close to betting that record was Wilt Chamberlain with scoring 100 points.  Now that is one gifted family.