Completed #62: Watched 3 out of 3 documentaries 

The Run, Ricky, Run documentary caught my attention this evening, as my oldest son and I perused Netflix. My son had never seen this Ricky Williams play and since he was a legend after playing at the University of Texas (my favorite college football team), so before he left we had to watch it so he could see the sheer genius of his athleticism. This movie is a very honest look into Ricky Williams life and disjointed background and decision making.  I enjoyed this documentary because it portrayed him as a man on a journey, not a super hero nor a crazy person. Just a man trying to work his way through his past to find better future.  I wish us all luck in tapping into our better self and I pray that Ricky has a great life and future in medicine as he strives to be come a healer.  Thats one more for my 100 Suite Ways to Live Life List.