It's 9:00 at night and you get a text from a friend saying that they have some extra tickets to a baseball game tomorrow but the game right after work so you will have go directly there. What will you wear? No fret ladies here are a few tips that I used when attending a National game straight from work this week:

  • Go for tailored and casual look- Adding a few tailored pieces like a jacket or white button up to your more casual pieces look like a million bucks just like
    Maria Shriver and daughters Katherine and Christina Schwarzenegger
  • Consider the elements- Bring your sunnies like Demi Moore. If your outfit is generally casual, add a jacket and closed toe shoe to polish off your look and make it appropriate for the office. Then depending on the weather outside you can adapt you accessories to match your surroundings.
  • Wear shoes that can go the distance- The day time look should have a shoe gives your look a more professional appearance. Then when selecting a pair for the game, keep the environment mind like Selena Gomez. You could be walking on grass or in a stadium with stairs. You may be also standing a lot so make sure they are comfortable.
  • Layer up- Adding layers like Kelly Ripka will give you the versatility you may need when attending and outdoor game.