I had such a fantastic time for my birthday celebration at Bond 45 on the National Harbor. My husband Lorenzo is so cute he made sure to make it an event.  Most of the trip I wasn’t allowed to bring my phone so I had to rely on the photos of others but the night was too good not to share. Here are a few pic that he took of me and my mom before we left. I this is one of my favorite thrifted finds. I picked this baby up for this very occasion earlier in the year for $15 at the Salvation Army. It still had  the tags on it form Nordstrom’s and let’s just say I saved well over $100.  I picked up the heals in Vegas last year and the earring are from the  Banana Republic Outlet.

Well after the photos we were off to the National Harbor and the Chesapeake Orchestra was playing before the sunset. It was such a perfect day.

It was such a nostalgic venue, with its pub like feel and its old world opulence. Even though the menu and the venue was  defiantly upper echelon the casual dress code and comfortable environment just made you feel at ease.

Lorenzo arranged for us to sit in their atrium so that we could see the sunset and we had the Lobster Surf & Turf with Filet Minot and my husband had the T-bone steak, artichokes, asparagus, jalapenos and potatoes. We finished of the dinner with a cappuccino and the largest piece of tiramisu I had ever had.  Bond 45 has a little outdoor patio where you can take breather so we just relaxed for a moment and took it all in while listening to the local singers swoon away.

When it seemed the night couldn’t get any better, Ren took me down to walk on the peir and all the sudden their was a huge fire work disply at the Gaylord hotel.  He siad that he arranged it all for me, the orchistra, the sunset and the foreworks. He is so silly I know he didn’t but it was sure was a great planning job.  If you want to have a night like mine during the summer the National Harbor does fireworks evety Saturday night around 9:30 after sunset. The also show free movies and have lots of entertainment for the summer check out this website so that you to can enjoy their great summer nights. As for us, we just walked at lettle more and sat down on the peir together, it was a perfect evening.