I just had a great Father's Day event motivated by a post on asubtlerevelry.com. We just had a Barbecue and Beverage Tasting event, where each household created a barbecue sauce that we tested on our home cooked pulled pork, shredded chicken hot sausage and barbecue ribs. My sister's team won the bragging rights for the best sauce. We used labels like these on the blind summer beer tasting (and also a non-alcoholic beverage tasting) featuring all of the dad's in attendance with their children.  It was a blast but the best part was watching my husband open his homemade gift baskets with personalized daddy labels.  Going through those old pictures was a blast from the past and my kids loved creating our own secret barbecue sauce from scratch together.  The photos were so nostalgic and the food was great! We had such a blast! What did you do for your daddy?