Attention carnival goers: If you are trying to look cool with out losing your funnel cake this one is for you. A few weekends ago we attending the traveling carnival at night with my son. Great carni food, bright lights, fast rides and fun! How can it go wrong? Possibly by wearing the wrong outfit, so while attending a carnival remember this:
Dress In Layers- Whether night or day you will be there for a while and you never know how hot or in my case how cold it will get by time you go home. You don't want to ruin all of your pics because your teeth are chattering. If it is warm, take a note from Pink, she has a great warm weather formula.
Dress Relaxed For The Occasion- You don't want to become the carnival attraction because you are way over dressed, even if you are on a date. There is a way to look sexy and comfortable. I say stay away from hats and skirts. Some of the rides flip you over and you don't want your underpinnings to the be YouTube's #1 video.
Wear Cute But Practical Footwear- Don't forget you will be on your feet the whole time, eating in line with nowhere to rest your feet. So if you want to look cute, opt for a comfortable wedge like J-Lo. Stay away from flip flops unless you want to walk home barefoot. The rides will just throw those puppies to the wind. 

Stay trendy and warm like Pink, me and my son Jalen, by bringing a warm but cool jacket that you plan on wearing the entire time. I opted for a Sophia Vargas jacket from Kmart but Jay opted for a Old Navy vest and sweater, both options worked great as we continued to have fun until later in the evening. My son got to stay up late and we had a blast! I hope you stay comfortable and have a great time!