Do you know your style? If you already know, do you know what great blogs can you find inspiration from? If you are not sure, ask yourself a few questions are you:

Classic – Do you favors traditional and clean designs. The classic woman will have a little black dress, a string of pearls and ladylike, borderline preppy garments that express her desire to be elegant, neat and “in control.”  You might find inspiration in sites like District of Chic.
Chic- Do you favors clothes with clean lines and meticulous tailoring? The chic women choose luxe accessories with rich fabrics and patterns like animal prints or florals and turn their wardrobe up with show-stopping statement jewelry and handbags selected straight from the runway. These choices add in the luxury.  You might find inspiration in sites like 9 to 5 chic.

Whimsical- Do you favor the quirky and have a knack for throwing together an un-constructed dress with a slouchy leather hobo? The whimsical women approach their wardrobes as an extension of their creative persona. Fun and flirty, romantic and youthful the whimsical woman lives for one-of-a-kind accessories that match her playful and retro style aesthetic. You might find inspiration in sites like Cupcakes and Cashmere.
Bohemian- Do you favor a more laid back approach to fashion and can pull a funky outfit together in a flash. The bohemian women choose earthy wear, batik prints, jeans, vests, white shirts and cotton tees with hippie-chic touches like ethnic-inspired jewelry, funky jackets and peasant-wear.  You might find inspiration in sites like Ruche.
Avant-garde Do you favor s risk taking, show stopping approach to fashion? The avant-garde women have no fear when it comes to fashion. They wear what they want to and they are bold and modern with their chooses. You might find inspiration in sites like because I am addicted.

Does your current work wardrobe reflect your personal style? We spend over 50 hours a week in these clothes, working and commuting, so make them reflect who you are! Whether you are more classic, chic, bohemian, avant-garde or a mixture of each (like myself), you deserve to make a positive statement that reflects of who you are and where you are going.  Look at your wardrobe and see if it reflects the style that you would like to project. If it does, Suite! If it doesn’t, begin to inject a few pieces in the direction of your choice. You will feel more confident and successful in no time!