One of my favorite people from the West Coast, Qiana, dropped into town for work recently and we fit in some time in to hang out and talk about life and fashion. You might remember her from another post. She is always providing us with style and perspective.

So we met at The Fairfax on Embassy Row, a fantastic hotel in Dc, it has great character with its quaint architecture and suites to its attentive and courteous bellmen. We then dashed over to Current Sushi. Their upscale modern vibe and lounge was the perfect place to catch up, enjoy good food and drinks.

I don't know if I have told you this before but I love sushi and believe it or not eel.  I had it first at Zen in Barbados not realizing what it was, when I stayed at The Crane resort and have been hooked ever since. As we sat a talked about fashion, friends and fun I couldn’t help but wonder is there was a more fashionable way to eat sushi.  So just in case you are new to the world of sushi here are a few tips.
  • Wasabi, also known as Japanese horseradish, is the green paste has a sharp, pungent, and fiery flavor. I love it but be careful not to put too much on the roll or your mascara will end up running
  • You can mix a small amount of the wasabi into the soya sauce, dip the sushi (fish side down) into the soya sauce-wasabi mixture and eat the sushi. I prefer it spicier so I add the wasabi to my sushi roll with a piece of ginger on each bite. This just my preference and is an informal way to eat sushi.
  • The little apricot slivers are ginger, you can eat them in between bites to clean your palate or add them to each bite like do. Yummo!
  • Sauce, if the piece already has a sauce soy sauce is not recommend. Soy sauce can be added to the side of your plate or in the little dipping plate that is provided if you prefer.  Technically you should turn over your piece and dip the piece of fish or whatever you are having, into the soy sauce and not the rice roll. However chopstick are tricky, so do what you can.
  • Chopsticks can be used and should be used if grabbing morsels from a shared plate, but once they are on your plate you may eat them with your fingers if that makes you more comfortable. Many nice sushi places provide a warm towel to wipe your fingers on.
  • Drinks like Japanese beer, cold or warm sake or green tea are usually available and make a nice compliment to the meal. Current has a great pomegranate martini so we opted for that.
Just some tips to keep in mind the next time you are out and about eating sushi.  Keep living the suite life!