Attention all sports fans: If you you are ever trying to look cool  while losing you cool at a sporting event this one is for you. A few weekends ago we attended the George Mason University basket ball game at the Patriot Center and it was a scream. Great music, tons of school pride and lovely concession stand food!! How can you go wrong? Well by possibly wearing the wrong outfit, so when you are attending a game, remember this:

  • Keep it Relaxed- you will be jumping up and down and having to walk up a ton of stairs. So wear comfortable pants, shoes and nonrestrictive clothing. You can look cute without looking like you are going dancing. 
  • Have Team Spirit- Show your team spirit like me and Maria Menounos buy sporting team memorabilia or a jersey of your favorite player. You don’t have to be wearing a jersey to show that you are supporting the team, just throw on a color coordinated top and a fun stack of bangles or with scarf like Hillary Duff . 
  • Dress in Layers- Space is limited so you may be wearing your coat the whole game, so make sure it is comfortable. If you don’t want to rock the jacket look the whole time, make sure you wear a light jacket like J-Lo, then it won’t take up a lot of room when you take it off or be like Beyoncé and wear a blousey top, a pair of skinnies, a light jacket and a great pair of earrings. Play with accessories they can make an outfit go from blah to Hoooooray!!

You can also do what my friend Ashley did and wear a lovely cropped mustard sweater and layered tees. She was warm and looked super cute! Whatever you do be comfortable and ready to have a good time!