Valentine’s day has come and so how do you keep the love feast going? Here are a few ways:

1.       Bringing Sexy Back- Put on the outfit that makes you feel the most sexy and grab your camera or have a friend take some sexy by sophisticated photos of you. Then randomly send your man one of the photos to his mobile phone.  Your man should always have a picture of you at your best to remind him of what fabulousness awaits him at home
2.       Love Notes- Pull out the lipstick and some Post-It Notes. Write a few sweet nothings on each Post-It and seal it with a kiss. Then hide these love notes in his random places (like his briefcase, rear view mirror or tooth brush) so he will find them throughout the week.
3.       The Morning After- Usually this attire comes in handy when you have pulled and all-nighter and you don’t want to wear the same outfit but now the same rules apply, get one of his button up shirts and wear it to work or to run errands. It’s like having him with you all day.