This year I would like to start the year out by interviewing one of my favorite fashion bloggers Lydia from Chic on the Cheap.  Her career smart styling is effortless and affordable. 

SL:How would you best describe your own personal Suite style?

Lydia:  The goal is to have a classic and flattering silhouette with a bit of flare

SL:What are your career smart wardrobe essentials and why?
Lydia: A well fitted blazer can make almost anything work appropriate. I love throwing one over my favorite dresses, or with a blouse, jeans, and heels on a Friday.

SL:We see you have a  reasonable monthly style budget on your blog.  Can you share how you plan out you pieces to buy for the month while staying on budget?
Lydia: While I do keep a little list of key pieces I am on the look out for, I never plan how I'm going to spend my budget. Some months I blow it all in the first weekend, others I try not to buy anything so I can splurge at the end.

SL:You are a savvy shopper; name a few stores where you have found some of your favorite suite deals?
Lydia: I frequent my TJ Maxx, sometimes weekly - I rarely find what I'm looking for, but I always find something I need!  When I'm looking for deal on shoes, I always check out Amazon, they have some very competitive pricing.

SL:What is the riskiest trend that you have pulled off at home and at work?
Lydia: At work, wearing leggings as pants! At home, depends what you consider risky! Pattern mixing, colored tights, monochrome... I've done it all, and I hope I pulled it off.

SL:Can you tell us your favorite career purchase to date?
Lydia: My purple pencil skirt, it's a fun piece to liven up the work week.

SL:You have a very successful fashion blog, what advice can you give to our readers about finding their own Suite style?
Lydia: At this point I feel like my style is a reflection of what I see trending around me. More times than I can count I've seen something on another blogger and thought "I must try that look!" When it works, I just just keep on doing it - like the knotted button down. I started doing it last summer and loved how it gave a new purpose to a previously shapeless work shirt.

When it comes to finding your own style, decide what you like best about your body and find clothes that flatter it. If everything in your closet makes you feel good about your body then you can work on the little details; never leave the house without an accessory!

To see more of her styles, check out her fabulous blog: