You may have noticed that I have been gone a while from my blog. 

I apologize for that absence. I haven't forgotten about you.  Here is a bit of fun info to catch you up.

You may remember that for the last few years my New Year resolutions have been to begin doing things that make me a better person overall.  In that journey, I wanted to begin inspiring you with action verse just talk, so here are a few things that I have been doing to meet those goals: 

Get Healthier: This year to get healthier I started eating differently, using ideal protein, working out and lost 30 lbs! Many of my followers on Instagram have requested how I did it so I will begin sharing some of my journey with you.  Yeah! 

In my efforts to get fit I joined two soccer teams. They were so fun! Nothing like being a part of a team! Being a bit older than when I use to play, my mind thinks I am younger then I am and trys to get me to do things that my body flat out refuses to do.  In one of those moments I was doing a flying header during a soccer game last November and fractured my wrist. They said I looked like superwomen in the air, so if I had to go down, I was glad that I went down like that.  

So much has happen since then. I got a cast, then talks of surgery (those were scary talks), then a lot of prayer and I quickly healed so I could wear a brace. In my recent efforts to get back in the swing of things, I re-injured my wrist and so I was back in my brace excited to keep find new low impact ways to get fit and I got a serious concussion helping my son train for football. I was not myself for at least six months. I am feeling a bit better and have new lease on life to share. 

Earn More Money: I got twice promoted, became a supervisor again and amazing things are happening at work as I grow out a new division of innovation for my company. I am also learning how to expand my mind, brand, business and pocketbook, which I will also begin to share with you.

Face Your Fears or Insecurities: One of my fears was attending conferences in a far away city by myself.  I genreally attend with someone so I didn’t think I would enjoy it alone but I was so wrong. I was able to make brand new connections and begin building a tribe of like mined people that I can connect with in the future. I also was able to connect with someone I knew so we had a blast!  I also feared sharing my stories with the public. The internet can be a bit harsh however you have been such an amazing group of Professionistas, I feel that I could share more with you and hopefully  So I will! Look out for great stories of trails and adventure this year.

Get a Creative Outlet: To get creative I grabbed a backpack and went back to school! Even though I don’t need another degree for current promotional purposes you never know what your future holds and I just wanted to finish a Masters program for myself so here I went back to class and I loved it! I will begin sharing a few of the dynamic things that really have begun to ignite my creative juices and will have you thinking in a whole new way.

Cook with Flare: I have learned how to eat and cook with flare! I have tried new places, some of which I will share with you and tried cooking different things. This has been a great adventure and I was surprised how just a few tweaks to your cooking can save you life and be delicious.

Travel to Somewhere New:- I generally don’t travel out of the state that much so I explore different cities around me and discover new places and hidden adventures. It had been great but I still wanted to travel somewhere new so we took the whole family to Florida! This past trip we went to Tampa, Orlando, Riverview, Clearwater and Ybor City to name a few! It was so great we may want to move there. I also went to New Orleans, Georgia, Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Vegas. I have been to Vegas before but I challenged myself to stay at a new place and try new things and it was a great new adventure which you can catch up on, comment and find new adventure for yourself on my Instagram page.

Get Inspired- Life can become mundane quick going back and forth to work and in between your children's sporting events doing your normal routine. My degree program has me thinking back to a time that really excited me and got inspired to start being more adventurous. I look forward to sharing conferences, summer book clubs, and many more adventures that inspire me and hopefully you as well. The best conversations are had in the comments. 

Please share you comments, life experiences and best practices with us. We would love to hear and be inspired by you too.