What do you wear when you are trying to stand for something? Suffragist wore white, women in business wear pant suits and feminist have been known to wear their politics on thier sleeve. Inspired by the suffragist on voting day I wore white, I wear pantsuits almost everyday because they make me feel powerful and I embrace my inner boss lady. I also love a good statement wether its from you mouth or on your shirt! So today, as I prepare to walk with hundreds of thousands of women and men in solidarity I am thankful for getting here.

One of the last times that my feet hit the pavement to march in Washington, DC was in 2008, to gather in unity, in support of President Obama's inauguration. We gathered by the thousands in peaceful assembly to visually witness the historic moment and share in the success of the "Yes We Can"movement.  We sang on the metro with complete strangers, walked down the mall side by side with celebrities, and despite the cold weather, we teared up together, as the first minority president was sworn in.  Everyone at the event, left feeling like, "Yes We Did!"

Today, as get ready for the event and the treck down to DC, I am filled with excitement and emotions, not knowing what to expect. 
A history of protesting is not required to share your voice in unison.  Any of us can become an influential activist! A grandmother in her 60's, out of frustration, started this rally cry to meet up in Washington during inauguration weekend in a Facebook post and within 24 hours 10,000 people agreed to join her there. Now hundreds of thousand will join together to make a statement. How will you make your statement today? If you haven't made up your mind, think about:

  • Feminist t-shirt- There are amazing shirts out there that share any type of message that you are trying to make without having to say a thing.

  • Suffragist white- Many women through out time, starting with the suffragist, wore white, feminine outfits to dress in unity for thier cause.

  • Put a cap on it- Wear it is a knitted hot pink hat to support women's rights, throw on a cap for nod to unisex fashion or sport a Love Trumps Hate ball cap like @jasminesig. Say what you want to say and give yourself a pat on the back for having functional clothing.

  • Stand for Something- On a big day like this, look for designers that stand for something.  I will be wearing my drama knit kimono from Marla Wynne, who believes that every women is unique and if you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun! Which I also totally believe.

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