The streets were filled with energy yesterday, as women from over the world flew in to unite and shared a unified message. The message, to me, although it was said in many different ways, is that we are America and we will be heard. Cites all over the country joined Washington DC in holding women's marches and speeding the message. It is hard believe that this all started from a 60 year old grandma, living in Hawaii, request for women everywhere to join up with her inauguration weekend in Washington, D.C. to share our frustrations. Who said one person doesn't make a difference. Yesterday, it truly proved the point that we are stronger together. There were people from all walks of life with strong opinions but chose to make the day about love and unity of purpose instead of hate!

Despite the gloomy, wet weather my family attended with me. Of course, I had to wear my high heeled tennis shoes because they were so obviously made for this cause!  We pulled on our sweaters and joined together as they too wanted to support something as important as a women's right to choose, equality and equal pay.  So we pilled in the car with great excitement and anticipation of joining in the march. We looked forward to being inspired by other women and their diverse experiences and perspectives.  The number of individuals that we encountered seemed like 5 times the 200,000 expected.  Everywhere you looked, on every available street, there were pink hats and strong women as far as the eye could see!  I hadn't been a part of a crowd like that since Obama's inauguration in 2008. We had so many participants attend, that at one point the news began saying it was no longer a march but a rally.  Just when we thought that we wouldn't be able to march because we literally had filled the marching route with hundreds of thousand of supporters, the organizers came over the microphone and announced the news had spoken incorrectly, We Will March!!  They had gotten the new route approved and we would still be able to join together to march!  The crowd roared! It was such an amazing experience having my children and husband beside me, along side hundreds of thousands of women to stand up for our rights. It was a powerful day for women everywhere! As we began to make our way Alicia Keys took the stage and sang "This Girl is on Fire," which energized the crowd. Women began chanting "our bodies our choice" and men replied "her body, her choice", over and over in a powerful, supportive tone! Then Maxwell's beautiful, melodic voice rang out with it's "A Women's World" and we were all physically moved in unison to non-violently continue marching together to surround the white house with love and purpose.

I can't explain how moving it was to see people of all races holding up signs that #Black Lives Matter and supporting causes other than their own, young teenagers with Tupac quotes pinned to their backs, Southern older women in pink, pussy cat hats chanting "immigrants are welcome here", Muslim women donned in purple and gold beside women of all nationalities and religions chanting "this is what democracy looks like!" It surely felt like we were part of something powerful yesterday. The signs were hilarious and meaningful.  They were so good that museums are collecting them for future display.  I only wish we had sold together before the election.  That time has gone, I respect President Donald Trump's authority, as our newly elected president and I hope that he has taken note.  I hope he got the chance to witness the power of this countries women today!  I pray he doesn't turn a deaf ear and take it lightly but begins to hear our prospectives and support the policies that are important to us as our elected leader.  I hope that women everywhere will stay organized and remember this day, as a successful show of love and unity.  I truly hope that we will continue to fight not let someone else tell us what to do with our bodies.  I look forward to future engagements and to continue to come together to keep our choices our-own!

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