I loved Me and Earl and the Dying Girl original take on the awkward high school experience.  Its humorous, imperfect perspective was refreshing.  It was like watching Dope, Cant By Me Love and Juno.  The movie has this great early 90's vibe to it.  It is about a boy named Greg (Thomas Mann), trying to be liked and invisible to everyone.  Greg is forced by his mother (Connie Britton) to have a deeper relationship with a dying associate, Rache(Olivia Cookefrom school. The journey of the their high school years are captured in this artsy way without being cheesy at all.  I usually don't enjoy movies where the characters look too real and don't brush their hair but that is the genius of this film. The characters are imperfect, enjoyable and full of authenticity.  The cast is unbelievable. Some of the best up and coming stars out there.  Greg (Thomas Mann) is strange and endearing, Rachel (Olivia Cooke) is couragous and soft, Mr. McCarthy (Jon Bernthal) is hot and Earl (RJ Cyler) is hilarious.- By Shawna Walker

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The lighting and crispness of the scenes kept this movie bright, upbeat as possible and enjoyable to watch.  Earl (RJ Cyleris Greg's best friend a.k.a. coworker and my favorite character in the film. He is always saying or making faces that are exactly what everyone is thinking.  The urban but country tone of his voice is makes everything even funnier.  He is a little like a young african American yoda. Sheer genius! The films take on life and the beautiful, sometimes hard layers of personable relationships are somehow soothing.  The camera angles and visual artistry in this movie, although subtle were surprising and elevated the experience to something special and not to be missed. This is not a love story but while I was watching it I couldn't help think of the great 80's love stories like Say Anything, Cant By Me Love and Mannequin.  There were some touching connective moments in this movies like "you make me feel blessed", "even after someone dies, you can still keep those things about them.. their life can keep unfolding itself to you, just as long as you keep paying attention to it", and some hilarious moments like "i like air-condition, "dudes got issues, "thats a role model for aint got no friends", the strange stuff written on Greg's lunch bag. All funny. The more you watch this movie the more great moments you will catch. It is not necessarily a feel good movie but not one you'll want to miss.

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