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The title Goliath sums up the overall feeling that you have after watching this surprising new original amazon series.  This show is a big game changer in the sea of mediocre available mini series that are popping up everywhere.  Goliath is the one you don't want to miss.  It is a mashup of the best parts of Luther and Suits, rolled up into one sexy, disturbing series with whit and changes that will surprise you.  The characters have depth, the story line is basic and yet still unpredictable.  The relatable depiction of these cliché stereotypical characters only speak volumes about this momentous cast. The series starts with a washed up but not finished alcoholic attorney, played by Billy Bob Thorton, who along with his smoking hot hooker/paralegal, played by Tania Raymonde, was conned by a loud mouthed, under qualified lawyer Nina Arianda, into taking on this Goliath case against a defense contractor and his arch rival and preditory ex-partner played by William Hurt.  The interplay at this mega firm is psychotic and brilliant. The lesbian lead pitbull played by Molly Parker, mysteries ex-wife and fellow partner played by Maria Bello,  are intrigued and challenged by the mousy up and coming star Olivia Thirby, all who will or have done anything to stay on top. Watching them battle to smash Billy Bob and his merit worthy case into the ground is worth its professional weight in gold.  I'm not normally thrown off by plot changes but this series has me engaged at 100%. Cant wait to hear what you think.

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