There is Fight Fever in the Air! Mayweather vs Pacquiao Fight Fever that is!  If this fight is anywhere near the hype, then this will be the fight of our generation.  I am so excited to see two of my favorite fighters finally getting in the ring together.  The fight is long over due.  The fight has gotten so exciting that we just don't want to leave home (and it is really late so we want to go to sleep afterwards). So that means we get to throw a FIGHT PARTY!  If you are throwing a last minute Mayweather vs Pacquiao FIGHT PARTY then use these tips for inspiration:

  • IT IS ALL ABOUT THE FIGHT- Turn on the surround sound and arrange all the seating to face the big screen tv.
  • SET THE TONE: Pull out the boxing gloves and red and black streamers and be inspired by vintage boxing printables.
  • WHAT TO WEAR: If I was in Vegas I would be wearing a nice little cocktail dress and 5 inch heels or something with sass like this:
Sense I am at home I recommend the comfy, casual attire with a bit of sexy thrown in like a jumpsuit, a bold slack or a pair of leggings with a blazer.

  • FEED THE MASSES: There will be tons of testosterone the air so here are a few ideas to keep those tummies from growling:
(photos from google images and pinterst)

 photo Shawnasig_zps3e7ca88a.jpg