Hey Pretty Ladies! I have really been embracing the color and texture of my hair this year and as you can see I have red hair, and not just any red hair, I have 50 shades of red hair! From Strawberry Blonde to Rich Auburn, I choose colors that fit my mood and life.  On any given day I could be running a 5k, giving a presentation, holding a lunch meet-up for co-workers, attending a PTA meeting and meeting with friends for drinks, and that is just in one day!  My lifestyle is fun, ever changing and full so I need a hair color that keeps up with my vivacious lifestyle and constantly changing hair style and schedule.  Currently, I have been coloring my hair with the Age Beautiful product above, which had been covering my grays pretty well however my hair grows really fast and although I fully embrace my gray hair and often allow it to grow out on purpose, sometimes I would like to touch it up for an important event or a meeting.  That is when my coworker told me about I  Madison Reed's root touch-up product.  
She has tried many of the root touch-up products and loved them so I am excited to give it a try.  When I try it I will let you know.  Hair is the best and most natural accessory that we have in life.  The way we wear and color our hair reflects how we feel inside.  If you are thinking of changing your hair color check out this cool hair profile tool from Madison Reed to find your perfect hair dye color.

You can join the #colorconvo and share your comments below or tweet out on SoWorkWeekChic's twitter site about your hair color and how it reflects your personality.

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