Valentine's Day is right around the corner and I can't wait!  It is a day full of love, passion and color.  Whether you are showing love to yourself or the people around you, take a minute dress up, feel pretty and share your greatness with someone else.  

Since we are on the topic of things that I love, French Connection recently launched their US blog and I love their strong, feminine sensibility and style so I had to attach my dream Valentine's day #fcdatenight look for some Vday fashion inspiration, along with some great Valentines day tips:
  • Show that Silhouette- This is the day to show some curves, so whether you dress is flowy or form fitting like this beautiful, printed number, make sure that is it is flattering and highlighting your best attributes.  There is nothing prettier then a women that is confident in her skin and clothes.
  • Get Noticed- Whether it is with a show stopping print, bold color choice or bold accessories, these items will make sure that people or a special person will not be able to keep their eyes off of you.
  • Have Fun- Its easy to get caught up in the mayhem of this day so have fun with it by adding a playful shoe or clutch that reminds you to let loose.
Remember Valentines day is the one day carved out just to remind us to make time for ourselves and the special people around us, so whether you are going out or staying in, take care of yourself, eat something decadent and do or wear something that makes you feel beautiful.