Hey Professionistas, Spring is almost here!  As the sun peeks through and melts the last bit of winter, we out break out of  winter slumber and begin to prepare for slightly warmer days.  I was delighted for it to be warm enough to bare my legs for the first time in a while however I was not ready to give up my super stylish scarves.  I was so excited to be able to wear this fantastically, fuzzy scarf that I pick up earlier this week from a local, teenage artisan named Whitney Poole. They were so great and affordable, I actually had to pick up two.  If you are looking to pick one or have her make a custom one for you or someone special, you can email her here.  Also helping us with spring preparation today is Beauty Consultant Kellee G.  Kellee's spring "Pink Matte" eye look below is perfect for Valentine's day has inspired me to soften my V-day look with soft curls, this blush top and a bold spring floral from J. Crew.  To see what products Kellee used to get the look below check out her blog,  Kelleemudiva.  I used my favorite baked Trio, Horizon for my eyes, a little Bold Berry blush on my cheeks and Fancy Nancy Nude lip gloss, to keep this look soft.

 photo Shawnasig_zps3e7ca88a.jpg