Hello Professionistas!  Have you ever had a blue/tough day or ever left a meeting where you feel like you just got ran over by a bus and you feel a little blue?  Well when I have days like this I look to my precious Keurig.  Yes, that is right, I am speaking on my fabulous coffee machine! It helps to wear bright colors to keep your mood up as well.  Keurig's wonderful CafĂ© Escape Chi Lattes that only can be made through the Keurig are the perfect escape.  I make me a nice little cup and it is like a big warm hug that moves me right on to the next power meeting. So next time that you have a bad day, don’t get sad, get a hug!  It is also a great gift for coworkers who are having a bad day- pass along the goodness of a hug! What do you do to get over a day that is going wrong? 

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